Technology Law


Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property can be a very valuable asset of a business that is critical to its success. The attorneys of the Esposito Law Group provide representation to business and individuals in multiple areas involving intellectual property and trade secrets. It has become increasingly important to protect these assets in our age of technology and social media. In conjunction with these issues, our attorneys are very experienced in providing guidance regarding domain name issues, licensing agreements, contract and general issues regarding technology and how it impacts your business and your brand.


At Esposito Law Group we counsel clients who develop and use technology and provide technology services to assist them in competing in today’s market.


Our attorneys are very experienced in advising clients regarding compliance with both federal and state laws regarding data protection and understanding what is required should a data breach occur.


Esposito Law Group recognizes the importance of protecting your business and its brand. As a result, our attorneys will work vehemently to protect that brand in the courtroom, including the enforcement of rights stemming from protected trade secrets, non-competition agreements, employment agreements and nondisclosure agreements.